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Marrington Dingle


In Priest Weston – photo by Annie

A damp December day – no rain, but wet leaves, brown rushing streams, skeletal trees and a fleeting low weak sun occasionally easing through the gloom was the order of the day.

Annie led us East out of Chirbury and down into Marrington Dingle then South following the Camlad for a while. Annie was temping us with a ‘…bit of a climb out of the Dingle.‘  When it came it was like the side of a house – and covered in wet leaves. But we all made it, some in better fettle than others, to the top and out into the open fields. We crossed the fields and climbed many very slippery/wobbly stiles and bridges and hove to in the middle of Priest Weston for early elevenses.  Christmas sweeties did the rounds and we set off again heading North West-ish towards a feature called The Ridge.  This involved more wet n wobbly woodwork plus three, or was it four, electric fences in succession – and some cows, but we made it to The Ridge and was very pleased with view that opened out before us.  We plummeted down into the Dingle again and crossed the Camlad at Whittery Bridge.  It was then the final dose of wet n wobbly before we hit the tarmac that led us back to the cars in Chirbury. Just the sort of walk we wanted at this time of the year: not too long, not too far away, not too taxing (except for the side of the house bit!)  Thanks Annie for leading and all who came and all who drove.

Back to The Oak for a bit of a very much delayed (my fault) 2017 progamme planning session.  Got all the date filled and will be putting out a provisional programme shortly.

Don’t forget the Christmas Detox.  28th December, 9.30 from The Oak – Gaer Fawr and round the fields etc and back to Swn y Nant for mince pies and mulled wine stuff.  If you don’t want to walk just turn up at Swn y Nant a bit later and help Jean in the kitchen.  minibootprint